AuBang | Chinese Language Restaurant Menus
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Chinese Menus

Chinese language menus and service lists


1 million Chinese tourists came to Australia in 2015, with 2 million arrivals forecasted by 2020, spending $2,500 per person per trip, with a big portion of that spend is on food and dining experiences.

However, most of these tourists have very limited understanding of English, therefore it is critical to have Chinese language menus, not only for convenience, but letting them know you have a Chinese language menu could be a huge driver of customers.



Having a Chinese menu is only the first step, it also needs to be easily accessible and convenient for both the customer and your staff.

Aubang is the first service of it’s kind in Australia. It allows the Chinese consumer to easily use their phone to scan a special code, and load the menu on their phone in seconds (Without the need to use any browser, or install any apps).

Once the menu is loaded, they can select the dishes they like on their phone and then simply present their final choices to the wait staff!


  • No need for messy posters.
  • No need for additional training and the need to ‘offer’ a Chinese menu to customers who might not actually be Chinese
  • Simplify the ordering process, the customer does not need to say a word, just select the dishes and show the wait staff!
  • Translation by Expert Foodies who will not only translate the language, but make it sound just as tasty as it does in english
  • Monthly Analytics will show you how many customers have scanned the menu.
  • Do not need any additional software or downloads, every Chinese customer with a smart phone will have QR code capabilities.
  • Results = More Customers, Bigger Orders and Happier Customers
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